Christian Kids' Best Resource

Our picks for the best places on the web for Christian kids like us to visit for fun, games, learning, and devotions. Every site recommended here has a Christian world view, some are denominational (most aren't), and all are safe, fun and Mom-approved.

Want your favorite site to be on here too? Email my dad with the site address and I'll take a look!

Updated September 4, 2013.

Grading System for Web Sites: We want you to know what to expect before you try out a web site, so we have made up a little code like this:

Contains A/V Site has audio and/or video (stories, songs, etc.)
Contains Games Site has games
Younger Kid Fun Site has fun stuff for the little ones (4 to 7 or so)
Older Kid Fun Site has fun stuff for tweens & teens (8 to 14 or so)

Rating System of Sites: We chose a straight one-to-five rating (five is best) system. We look at things like -- does it work? Does it look nice? Does it have lots of stuff? Does Mom like it? Does it make us want to come back often? The list order is most stars to less stars so that you get to the best stuff first!

This site is maintained by Miss Bea and hosted on my dad's server.

Thanks, Dad! ;)

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